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Director: Jay Stern

Photography: Brett Beiner

Scenic: Grant Sabin

Lighting: Claire Chrzan

Hair/Wigs: Kevin Barthel

Properties: Alec Long

Two houses...
Keep on Moving.
Looking For a Good Time.
Sunshine Day!
Cindy, Peter, Alice and Bobby
Reuben Kincaid and Keith Partridge
Tracy, Reuben and Chris 1
Peter the Great conjures a storm!
Chris 1, Danny and Tracy escape.
Ghost of Cindy on the Moors
Out Damn Spot.
Jan Brady
The Ghost of Jan
Shirley and Sunflower Girl
Danny and Shirley
Shirley dies, Ghosts - Sam and Alice
The Bradys kill Partridges
Greg Brady and Laurie Partridge
Cousin Oliver?!
Finale Dance
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